Sunday, December 9, 2018

Polar Flow - black is new white

On November 29th, my black apps folder looked like this. Someone at Polar product team had decided to change the design completely - from black to white. Since Flow is not one of my everyday apps, i couldn't immediately say, if there was some changes in the product itself related to facelift or not. I opened the app and the functionality looked exactly the same for me, as it was before.
Polar confirmed my gut feeling - there is no change in the app functionality. Release 4.0.0 included only 2 changes - new app icon and bug fixes. Is this enough for major release of version 4? Last Polar Flow version that introduced some new functionality is from September 20th version 3.7.8. All later updates are only fixing bugs or updates related to app crash problems.

Just for the record, i'm happy Polar user since S520 model. I have had RS800, V800 and many software products, including Polar Personaltrainer and Polar Precision Performance.

Final verdict.

Answer to Big Questions - it's only app icon change, no other major changes made.

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