Monday, December 10, 2018

Black mess - App in the Air

On December 5th i found a intruder from my light sea green folder. What is this black mess in here?

App in the Air is handy, if your preferred transportation method is flying. I'm quite new to the app and it's not in my everyday app list. App is supposed to be "your personal flight assistant" and it does nice animations of your 18'000 miles trips around the globe, you can share in social media to make all your friends jealous.

But since i'm not at the gold or platinum level of any frequent flyer program at the moment, i have to turn to release notes to see, what changed with this release.
Seems, that my app updated a little late, since there was release on November 29th. Version 7.4.6 was released and it contained following updates:

7.4.6 Nov 29, 2018
In the latest 7.4.6 version you can now change app language in the settings!

- New design and colors
- Updated flight feed (new animation and improved airport widget)
- Updated Arabic localization

So, there was new functionality, language can be changed now and new locations were added. But what was wrong with the previous design?

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